Create a Shelter in Place Guide or Neighborhood Directory

Status.Directory is a resource for reslience in a time of crisis. A new directory is free to create and can be updated by everyone involved.

Start your own community directory today!

On this site you can also find a directory of city information from around the world. Each city has a number of different links for the city, and can make a status update. You can do the same with a status directory for your town or even just your own neighborhood.

Make your own Status Directory

Choose from one of our templates or make your own from scratch. When you are ready to get started, go here. Templates:

Shelter in Place Directory

Collaborate with family, friends, and neighbors to create a directory of local resources. Use Map Icons to label health and medical resources. Add restaurants and shops and keep track of visitor rules for Covid19 practices.

Neighborhood Directory

Create a directory of the houses in your neighborhood. Share the site URL with neighbors and invite them to claim their listings. Communicate with each other and help each other out during difficult times.

Local Tour

Share bright points about your area like parks and museums. Keep track of opening hours and contact information to make it easy for locals and visitors to plan outings.

Recent City Directory Updates

Find all our city resources on the Cities page, and see the most recently updated cities here. Add your city here, or suggest edits or corrections on the city page.
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